Monster Park - AR Dino World App Reviews

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Not so much , for me wasted purchase

Don’t buy

Worst app. Doesn’t work half the time. Keeps trying to get you to purchase more dinosaurs

Mixed review

The concept and technology behind this is very good. The only issue I have is on the video playback, the picture quality turns grainy and murky. Need to improve this to get a great rating.


You pay for the app and then pay for the critters in the app.


Having fun with this app. Is there a way to lessen the shadow effect? When the dino is in my house, the shadow is too bold. Would be nice if there was an option to lessen the effect. Otherwise, great work on the app!

put more dino’s !!!

can you put more dinosaurs? like blue velociraptor from jurassic world fallen kingdom or indoraptor i will use them after the new update

Love it!!

I got this app because my 3 yr old grandson loves dinosaurs and he’d love this. It’s so awesome and realistic.

Doesn’t work

I downloaded this for my son, who loves dinosaurs. However, it has never worked for us. Not once.

Amazing app

The app is amazing and it deserves 5 stars. But I tried a couple of times to purchase the extra dinosaurs but every time an error occurred saying no internet connection whereas I’m connected to the internet and every other app is running fine. I’ve even tried Wifi, but didn’t work. Could the developers please help me out with it?

Awesome game! But there’s a bug.

This game is very addictive and fun, but I found a bug: When you have the portal open, whenever you make the dinosaur bigger, the portal grows with it and also the area that the portal grants you does too.

Good, but could be better.

This app has one thing, only one thing, missing. Please make it so more than one dinosaur can be put into the world at the same time.


I was looking for a cool AR app for Dino’s and I wanted to have a cool spinosuraus AND I FOUND IT AND I LOVE IT ❤️❤️❤️ thanks so much I love it it’s the best and I hope you get more buyers it’s amazing

Missing new dinos!!

I recently purchased the Jurassic Dino pack and they don’t even download !? Can’t even contact the developer directly thanks Apple !!

Good but not great

It is a fun app but it does not let you fully grow the Dino inside. See, the velociraptors are the size of a mouse indoors and the triceratops and the stegosaurus are the size of kid’s chair, it is good but not great.

Great game

I love this game and am amazed by the AR in it

Best game

This game is so fun. I can bring dinosaurs wherever I want. Much better than Jurassic World alive.


I love the Dino’s and the bugs worth the money! I always love to send the pictures and do cool things.But can you add more Dino’s I would love that!

Please fix this??/?!!!!

When I enter the game they throw me out so please update now

Total mistake!

I thought this app allowed you to use a exhibiting photo or video on your device. Apparently you can’t. Sorry I wasted my money plus I found it somewhat difficult to figure out.

Missing features

When I take picture or video, I cannot save it. App doesn’t save to photos. It only not respond.

5 Stars

Monster park is by far the best AR dinosaur app I’ve seen. The dinosaurs are so detailed, they look as though they came out of Jurassic Park rather than a game. There is just a few minor problems, for example the dragon update. Ever since that update you couldn’t take a video longer than 60 seconds. The app doesn’t detect walls as easily as I thought it would, the dinosaurs sometimes jerk back and forth. It doesn’t really matter, but I think that Allosaurus, Brachiosaurus, and perhaps a poison-spitting Dilophosaurus would be great things to add to your next update. Even without those changes I’m still rating this amazing game five stars. KAS

How do you turn it off ?

This worked good at first but now it’s hard to even get a dinosaur in the picture. And it won’t shut off.


I was expecting so much more. The app isn’t intuitive or well thought out. Honestly, don’t toss your money away on this. Wish I could get a refund!

Not user friendly

Bought this app for my grandson and it’s not working properly

Some Dino’s don’t work

Bought the Dino pack. The velociraptor and the spinosaurus won’t show though. Texted support. No response. Rest of app is fun, but want the extras I paid for too.



Awesome + wish list

Great app - works as promised. I would love to have an option to add “current “ animals like lions, tigers, snakes, elephants, etc. also- have not found a way to save the pictures & movies to my iPhone/iPad “photos”.

I Love this app!!

I Love sending these dinosaur clips out to people!

This is light hearted fun!

People....don’t think this is going to look like you are making a multimillion dollar movie, your not, BUT it is pretty darn good for making a fun video from your iPhone. I live in Hawaii myself, so I have Jurassic looking area all around me that makes it even better! I hope for more updates. Also, developers, could you make the t-Rex “growl” loudly on command/tap (instead of snapping back in a violent manner). I think the growl would have more fun effect in every day peoples iPhone videos. Or, could do one finger tap will make it growl, two finger tap will make it defensively snap back. Thanks for the fun!

Great game

Great game, it was just what I was looking for though I do have some suggestions. For one since u ask people to buy the app for 2.99 and then ask them to pay more to unlock more Dinos why not just charge 3.99 for the app and no in app purchases. Also I would add more Dinos and make some abilities for them like the velociraptor can jump. Also maybe add some skins for the dinos. Also maybe add more bugs too like spiders and other things. Other than that the app runs gloriously on my device and is well worth the money 💰



Must fix

I recently purchased this app and do not work properly, it keep downloading and then restart, it must be fixed.

Love it but it needs an update or two!🦖🦕

I love Dinosaurs and this app is a life changer for me and I love how the animations work.My favorite is the T-Rex 🦖 but I ask for a update that there is a button that lets you control the dinosaur’s roar so when you press the button the Dino roars it would be nice for a movie I’m making so cool 😎! Also something else I’m having trouble making the Dino bigger unless it’s right in front of the screen so I hope you fix that too! Oh and one thing the Dino’s like the Triceratops,Spinosaurus,and stegosaurus can’t die when I tap on them I tapped the Trike like for 5 minuets it did not die! Plz help. Sorry added a little more I also wish that you could have more than one Dino in a photo or video or the jungle thing maybe make them fight!Over all it’s the best A R game in the world!

Really great potential

This app is really cool, although it could be better. First thing, the dinosaurs other that the T. rex aren’t really that good at all. Especially the stegosaurus. The models are very ugly. If they get an update it will be much better and definitely worth money. Second I think to add more variation instead of just producing dinosaurs a lot I think you should focus on quality. Maybe you could add skins to make the dinosaurs diverse? Like perhaps a scaly velociraptor, or a green T. rex from Jurassic Park 3? Lastly I think there should be a thing where you can disable the portal. The other mode is cool but the dinosaurs are small and in the other mode the portal is super ugly. These are just some things that could improve the game.

Centipede needs work..

I was trying to get the centipede to climb walls after installing the iOS update, but I would not detect walls, but rather, other vertical surfaces such as my father’s back, which I did not want it to read. There should be a button that you press, and then it starts trying to detect vertical surfaces, after the button is pressed, and I assume the rest will probably be fixed in the next iOS update.

My son loves it

My three year old son is recently into dinosaurs and absolutely loves this! I only wish there were more dinos/monsters/animals to choose from! Well worth the couple bucks it cost.

Love it

I like the new centipede. I just wanna know- is it free?

Loving it!

This game is really fun. I enjoy sending my friends and family videos of dinosaurs on the loose. Even though this game is awesome, I have a suggestion. Could you guys possibly make more dinosaurs? It’s very fun taking pictures with the Triceratops and T. rex, but I would also like a little bit more variety. Maybe for future updates, you could give the dinosaurs different skins. Possibly a jungle skin, or a desert skin. Besides that, the game is awesome! Five stars!


I really like this game the only thing is if you pay $2.99 then you would expect to get all the 5 dinosaurs for free. It doesn’t really matter but still, you know $3.

Really like it... but can the dinosaurs not die?

The first time I hit the T-Rex to the floor I waited for it to get up, but it never does - tapping it again makes it sink into the ground. What if the dinosaur got up after laying down for a few seconds instead of dying? Tapping/hitting a simulated animal to death just doesn’t sit right with me...

Picture is blurry

Picture and movie are really blurry 😞

Oh Man

I have to make another purchase to get the rest of the dinosaurs. Couldn't you guys just add the $0.99 on top of the app price.

App FAILED-Even with upgrade!!!

The App failed the first time trying to run it!?! I even got 99 cent upgrade to get “all the dinosaurs”. (Yeah, you got to pay extra for them...) I selected T-Rex, and the screen went black. Every time I open the app, the screen is black. VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER!!!

Amazing! The Carnivores Are Detailed Great!

The Details Are Amazing! I Wish The Spinosaurus Had The Original Jurassic Park Roar. It Needs A Gigonatosaurus, Protoceratops, And Indominus Rex. That Would Make It 5 Full Stars! Amazing Game! I’ve Recorded Almost 5 Videos That’s How Cool It Is! Nobody Can Say No To This! This Is Just AWESOME!!!

Too Small

The dinosaurs are too small

Amazing ar

Really good graphics feels like in the dinosaur world!crappy game

I love it!!!!

I love it I have so much fun with it!!!!!! The models are very nice

T-Rex is in my living room!

Wow! I’m a great fan of dinosaurs. The AR monsters look so true to life and fit my room perfectly. AR feature works smoothly. I made cool photos and videos. Thank you!

Super over what the Google Phone does

Wow 😯 __ / * ﹤' ,.---., / / / \./ / ____/ ) / / (__>—|_|-—-|_K_\ Now I have one !

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