Monster Park - AR Dino World App Reviews

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Must fix

I recently purchased this app and do not work properly, it keep downloading and then restart, it must be fixed.

Love it but it needs an update or two!🦖🦕

I love Dinosaurs and this app is a life changer for me and I love how the animations work.My favorite is the T-Rex 🦖 but I ask for a update that there is a button that lets you control the dinosaur’s roar so when you press the button the Dino roars it would be nice for a movie I’m making so cool 😎! Also something else I’m having trouble making the Dino bigger unless it’s right in front of the screen so I hope you fix that too! Oh and one thing the Dino’s like the Triceratops,Spinosaurus,and stegosaurus can’t die when I tap on them I tapped the Trike like for 5 minuets it did not die! Plz help. Sorry added a little more I also wish that you could have more than one Dino in a photo or video or the jungle thing maybe make them fight!Over all it’s the best A R game in the world!

Really great potential

This app is really cool, although it could be better. First thing, the dinosaurs other that the T. rex aren’t really that good at all. Especially the stegosaurus. The models are very ugly. If they get an update it will be much better and definitely worth money. Second I think to add more variation instead of just producing dinosaurs a lot I think you should focus on quality. Maybe you could add skins to make the dinosaurs diverse? Like perhaps a scaly velociraptor, or a green T. rex from Jurassic Park 3? Lastly I think there should be a thing where you can disable the portal. The other mode is cool but the dinosaurs are small and in the other mode the portal is super ugly. These are just some things that could improve the game.



Centipede needs work..

I was trying to get the centipede to climb walls after installing the iOS update, but I would not detect walls, but rather, other vertical surfaces such as my father’s back, which I did not want it to read. There should be a button that you press, and then it starts trying to detect vertical surfaces, after the button is pressed, and I assume the rest will probably be fixed in the next iOS update.

My son loves it

My three year old son is recently into dinosaurs and absolutely loves this! I only wish there were more dinos/monsters/animals to choose from! Well worth the couple bucks it cost.

Love it

I like the new centipede. I just wanna know- is it free?

Loving it!

This game is really fun. I enjoy sending my friends and family videos of dinosaurs on the loose. Even though this game is awesome, I have a suggestion. Could you guys possibly make more dinosaurs? It’s very fun taking pictures with the Triceratops and T. rex, but I would also like a little bit more variety. Maybe for future updates, you could give the dinosaurs different skins. Possibly a jungle skin, or a desert skin. Besides that, the game is awesome! Five stars!


I really like this game the only thing is if you pay $2.99 then you would expect to get all the 5 dinosaurs for free. It doesn’t really matter but still, you know $3.

Really like it... but can the dinosaurs not die?

The first time I hit the T-Rex to the floor I waited for it to get up, but it never does - tapping it again makes it sink into the ground. What if the dinosaur got up after laying down for a few seconds instead of dying? Tapping/hitting a simulated animal to death just doesn’t sit right with me...

Picture is blurry

Picture and movie are really blurry 😞

Oh Man

I have to make another purchase to get the rest of the dinosaurs. Couldn't you guys just add the $0.99 on top of the app price.

App FAILED-Even with upgrade!!!

The App failed the first time trying to run it!?! I even got 99 cent upgrade to get “all the dinosaurs”. (Yeah, you got to pay extra for them...) I selected T-Rex, and the screen went black. Every time I open the app, the screen is black. VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER!!!

Amazing! The Carnivores Are Detailed Great!

The Details Are Amazing! I Wish The Spinosaurus Had The Original Jurassic Park Roar. It Needs A Gigonatosaurus, Protoceratops, And Indominus Rex. That Would Make It 5 Full Stars! Amazing Game! I’ve Recorded Almost 5 Videos That’s How Cool It Is! Nobody Can Say No To This! This Is Just AWESOME!!!

Too Small

The dinosaurs are too small

Amazing ar

Really good graphics feels like in the dinosaur world!crappy game

I love it!!!!

I love it I have so much fun with it!!!!!! The models are very nice

T-Rex is in my living room!

Wow! I’m a great fan of dinosaurs. The AR monsters look so true to life and fit my room perfectly. AR feature works smoothly. I made cool photos and videos. Thank you!

Super over what the Google Phone does

Wow 😯 __ / * ﹤' ,.---., / / / \./ / ____/ ) / / (__>—|_|-—-|_K_\ Now I have one !

Fill you room with Monsters!

Nice and fun sample of AR technology. You’ll see walking and flying dinosaurs just in you room. My daughter was made lot of photos and videos with. Thanks guys.


Keeps crashing all the time


My son loves the app, looking forward for more dinosaurs! Thank you.

Cool for 30 seconds

I regret buying this , not really a game . I lost interest in 30 seconds.

Fun stuff

!.!:?:!/!/$:&2$:!2!)2$2))2)2 very happy. The controls could be a little better. But all on all a fine ar experience. Righteous

Just okay

Initial purchase only nets you one dinosaur. They immediately want another $0.99 in-app if you want to unlock more. Can be difficult to get the app to detect a surface, especially inside if dark at all.

Not worth money!

I purchased this to see how augmented reality looked on my new iPhone X and found that after buying the app I still had to buy things in app to get the full use out of it. It does look cool with the one and only thing you can do. Do yourself a favor and do not buy this app.

Great app

Except that there is a small fee of 0.99 to get other dinos

So fun!

Seriously. The kids are entertained for hours.

Background is blurry in photos and video.

What I love is my kids super exited to see dinosaurs running around with them. What I don’t love is now the background images are not in focus. When I first purchased the app the background images were in focus. Now with the latest update and the addition of the new Dino’s the background is blurry. I hope it’s user error. If not there needs to be a fix quick. No one wants to look at blurry pictures and videos.

Cool......but needs work

The Trex has a really good model although a little more movement from the arms when it’s still would be nice, also it could use so more life, blinking eyes, shifts weight, etc. The other Dino’s however need a lot of work, they seem like lifeless globs their textures need work and as I said previously they need more life, the spino’s arms should not be stuck in a single position it just looks sloppy and bad on your part that it would even be released in such a bad state. I like how you can enter and exit the portal, as well as the arena it is textured well and looks very good. I don’t know how possible it is to make the Dino’s not cross in front of objects in the foreground but that would be amazing. Something else that would be amazing is if you had a small joy stick where you could actually move the Dino’s around the environment rather than the strange click the floor thing, it’s ok for the arena but not great in irl. I hope these things are fixed because this game is not worth the money if they are not. Also something I forgot to mention was the raptors models are also good.


I think the app is great but it can’t scan the ground at all. Its so hard to use that its not worth a penny

Won’t work after update!

Excited about new dinosaurs on update... Disappointed when no dinosaurs appear at all now.....

Cool app, but video is out of focus

The T. rex model and pterodactyl models look and behave great. However, real world video is always blurry and out of focus. I am hoping this gets fixed soon. I would rate this app a solid 5 if it weren’t for this issue.

Great app

Great app, more Dinosaurs would be great!

Very cool! Ready for more!

Great concept and well delivered high-quality! Please keep the updates coming! We would love to see what else you can do!

Not work all

This application frozen a lot

Nice but not great

This makes amazing videos, but you can’t keep them in your phone or send them to anyone. You have to direct people to specific websites for it to be viewed. They are only trying to drive up clicks to their website rather than letting you make a cool video and share it through texting. I personally don’t want to make friends and family to have to sign up for something just to see a video I made, so at this point the app is nearly useless to me. Especially for an app I paid for.

Not worth $2.99

The app is glitchy and it doesn’t seem like it is compatible with the iPhone X. The effects are as expected but you’re unable to save to your camera roll when you make a video. Also since you’re only able to post your videos, there doesn't seem to be a way to delete the video. I attempted to delete the profile I posted the video under but to my surprise, the video is still up. It seems like the app is not yet completed, I would have set the app as free. Spend your money else where, it’s a good concept but a complete miss.

So boring

1 dinosaur, you can’t even adjust the size of it


It’s not letting me go pass the scan the ground part ???

Was great until it stopped working

Fun app, but then it stopped working. Won't go past the screen where it's scanning the room. Deleted it and reloaded it and still not working. Tried it in several spaces inside and out. Please fix or refund my money.

Won’t get past scanning ground

iPhone 8+. Using outside in open backyard during daylight and just sits on scam ground. Occasionally works, anecdotally 1 out of 4 times.


pretty buggy. has a really hard time identifying the floor. should be free


In the App Store it says that the current update lets you download to your camera roll. This is not the case YOU CAN NOT download to your camera roll. Save your $2.99

Good app


Doesn’t work on my iPad Air

Locks up on my iPad

Waste of $$$

Dumbest thing I ever bought. Not sure if it’s my new IPhone 8 or the app but when I open it says it needs to scan the room and I can’t get off that. I have no idea what this is really like. So far I just wasted $2.99

It gets boring

After a while it gets boring playing with only one dinosaur. Should have more Dino-options like a triceratops or any other to choose from. And a roar button so we can take the pic quicker instead of waiting.

$2.99 too pricey

Neat app for a half hour. Light & shadow are well done. Tried a backyard adventure. Awesome! Went inside & the environment was stuck outside. Had to reboot the iPad to clear. Maybe I just have new user issues, but at this point, free or 99¢ would be a better value. Not sure if I’ll keep it.

Doesn’t work

Freezes at point when you’re supposed to scan the scene.

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