Monster Park - Dino World App Reviews

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Was great until it stopped working

Fun app, but then it stopped working. Won't go past the screen where it's scanning the room. Deleted it and reloaded it and still not working. Tried it in several spaces inside and out. Please fix or refund my money.

Won’t get past scanning ground

iPhone 8+. Using outside in open backyard during daylight and just sits on scam ground. Occasionally works, anecdotally 1 out of 4 times.


pretty buggy. has a really hard time identifying the floor. should be free

I want my money back

POS doesn’t work


In the App Store it says that the current update lets you download to your camera roll. This is not the case YOU CAN NOT download to your camera roll. Save your $2.99

Good app


Doesn’t work on my iPad Air

Locks up on my iPad

Waste of $$$

Dumbest thing I ever bought. Not sure if it’s my new IPhone 8 or the app but when I open it says it needs to scan the room and I can’t get off that. I have no idea what this is really like. So far I just wasted $2.99

It gets boring

After a while it gets boring playing with only one dinosaur. Should have more Dino-options like a triceratops or any other to choose from. And a roar button so we can take the pic quicker instead of waiting.

$2.99 too pricey

Neat app for a half hour. Light & shadow are well done. Tried a backyard adventure. Awesome! Went inside & the environment was stuck outside. Had to reboot the iPad to clear. Maybe I just have new user issues, but at this point, free or 99¢ would be a better value. Not sure if I’ll keep it.

Doesn’t work

Freezes at point when you’re supposed to scan the scene.

Childhood dream comes to life!

So. Awesome. Would love to see brachiosaurus, deinonychus, and triceratops added. And perhaps maybe a way the models can interact with the environment a little better. Like not overlapping with objects in the foreground. Would also like the ability to record from your mic while taking video/audio of the beasts.

It’s pretty dumb and pointless.

If I only paid $1 for this I meant get review it better... basically you can put a fairly nice looking T-Rex or pterodactyl into the world and then control it... a little. Nothing else. Literally the cool factor lasts 10 seconds. Don’t waste your money.

Let me save the video or give me my money back!!!

Why can’t I save the video?!?!?

Great App

This is a great app. I really hope that they add more dinosaurs. You can make some amazing videos with this.

Waste of money and time

Please refund my purchase. This app barely scratches the surface for AR. Really disappointed!

Awesome AR app

Probably the best app to experience the new AR features in iOS 11

Cool idea Poor execution

This is a really fun app, but you can’t save the videos you make on your phone. This is a big fail. Please fix this issue

Not working on iPad Air 2 :(

Just freezes at.. scan the scene.

This app is awesome

I tried this AR app and it was pretty awesome! I wish there’s more dinosaurs than just T-Rex and Pterodactyls. I like the portal to another world and this would be interesting to have more different types of portals to visit. Keep up the good work!

Very limited boring photos

If I knew how to request a refund I would... worth .99 at best, don’t spend the 2.99


With choppy controls and AR - hard to pan out the room ... the app has potential, maybe the next update will have improvements

Dinosaur looks great but you can’t save recording

So biggest disappointment, you can record a video but only offers that you “share” it on online. You can’t save video to your camera roll.

Must Have App for ARKit!!!

Monster Park is a MUST HAVE app for iOS 11!! The AR which is in it is amazing! It truly feels as if Dinosaurs are popping out of the screen! I would highly recommend getting!

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